IT Services in Frome, Somerset, Wiltshire and the South West


Need help with your computer?

Somerset Online Ltd provide technical support for business and fix computer problems at home.

We also provide website design and hosting.

0330 001 5399

  • Computer help in Somerset and Wiltshire for home and business
  • On-site regular technical support for business
  • Remove viruses
  • Improve broadband service and WiFi signal
  • Affordable website design and hosting
  • Business analysis and process design
  • Data backup and restoration
  • Software training in Office (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint), GSuite (Google apps) and many more
  • “I hadn’t considered what would happen if there was a fire, I was keeping my backups with the computer desk, great support !”
  • “By listening and understanding what support I actually needed, they were able to offer an actual fix for the problem”
  • “Their patient delivery of training helped me learn so many time-saving tricks, without having to buy new software”
  • “Knowing there is an IT professional coming into our office every week to support us and answer any questions has kept our business running”

We use our twenty years IT design, training and coaching experience to help you feel confident.  We can help you understand the technology and how we’ve completed the work for you, whether that’s fixing a fault, updating your website or answering your IT questions.


  • Professional accountability: No more relying on friends and family
  • Peace of mind:  We are a fully insured Ltd company not just a mobile number
  • Convenience: We can come to you or you can drop off to our office in Frome town centre

You can learn more about our Managing Director Niki Odolphie on LinkedIn.

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