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We help sole traders and small businesses get the most from their technology.

More than just fixing stuff, our aim is to support you by applying our know-how and experience so you work smarter and with the right tools.

90% of the time we can help without buying new hardware or software.

Dedicated IT Manager

For only £99 a month

Data Backup, Security Checks, Software Training + More

Our Services

Over the years, we’ve been engaged in a raft of technology and business projects.

We’ve loved creating and managing websites for charities & small business, building multi-lingual eCommerce solutions, developing VR games for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, making simple iOS and Android apps, holding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency workshops.

You’ll often find us presenting at Chamber of Commerce workshops on topics such as SEO, Social Media, Cyber Security and more!

Website creation and management

Creating and managing your own website can be time-consuming.  Wix and Squarespace are great if you have the time to build and manage your site, but would you think about building your own shop out of bricks and morter?

We can deal with everything from creating your website, hosting it on our super-fast UK servers, managing backups and even updating it for you.  Our monthly cost is even about the same as Squarespace and Wix!

We’re Google certified to ensure the best SEO & SEM results possible.  No-one can guarantee front page results on Google, we’re honest about that.

Finding the Right Tech

We can help you navigate the bewildering array of technology available.

Let us help you find and configure new hardware, mobiles and tablets that meet your needs and not just the flashy model the sales rep wants to sell you.

Finding the right Internet services that are powerful, cost-effective and meet your security needs like email, Wifi calling, Dropbox, Google Drive and many other cloud services.

Let us find the right free software alternatives to reduce costs while maintaining quality and security.

Business Mindfullness™

We can help you improve business processes and productivity by helping you work smarter.  Business Analysis is no longer the preserve of big business.

Let us take a help you to improve business processes, either through either one-off or ongoing coaching.

Business Change & Readiness

Every business no matter the size goes through periods of change as they adapt to new customers needs, new technology or regulation changes.

We can apply our 20 years experience in change management.  We’re knowledagble in GDPR and can help your business get ready.

Your livelihood shouldn’t depend upon friends

We all know a friend that’s ‘good with computers’.  IT security and GDPR compliance shouldn’t be a favour.

Should you be putting the responsibility of your business on their shoulders?

Plan for a better Future

Are you worried you don’t spend enough time planning for the future?  Even having a plan for the next few weeks can help you focus.

By taking a surprisingly little amount of time we can help you objectively work smarter, reduce duplication and often without additional outlay.


80% Decrease in software costs


50% Increased Productivity


  • People
  • Process
  • Platform
The biggest impact you have on improving your use of technology is by understanding the tools you already have so you can use them better, we can help with one-to-one training on your existing software.

By having the right processes in place you can handle unexpected surprises and know you’re spending your time on the most important work, only then should be looking at the tools you use.

Expert help from just £29/hour

On-site and online support

For instant help, we’re available to contract customers through WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger.

Using secure remote access we can often help straight away without waiting for a site visit.

On-site visits available 7 days a week including evenings.

The Numbers

This is how we’ve served our customers in 2017

WordPress security updates applied

Website backups taken

GB customer data recovered

Hours of coaching & training delivered


What Types of Businesses Do You Work With?
We offer our help to anyone that asks.  We’ve helped self-employed people learn their way around Windows 10, setup new Macs, fixed WiFi dead spots at homes.  You may find our services cheaper than many tech support adverts in the local paper.  We’ve also helped new small businesses get set up with an International eCommerce solution selling products across Europe.
Do you Offer Long Term Services?
Absolutely, our pay monthly packages are the most flexible you will find anywhere.  If you’ve bought our services for 8 hours we could spend an hour fixing your WiFi, then come in once a week for an hour to backup your data, then do 3 hours software training.

How can you offer all these services?

After 20 years working across a variety of projects we’ve picked up a lot of skills.  The same way a mechanic can work on a wide variety of cars, most technologies have their roots in the same basic principles.

We also constantly train, retrain and balance our skills to ensure they match the questions our customers ask.

If you need specialist help we always put you in contact with people we know are experts in that field.

Our process

We believe that helping you work smarter and using the right technology where appropriate can help.  Using technology for technology’s sake though is counter-productive, so let’s approach this with a plan.


Technology is just the modern name for tools to solve problems.  Lets have a chat and understand what the problem is you need to solve first, not just now but in the future.


After understand your needs we can explore a few options and by working together decide which is right for you.

Planning and Implementation

Once we know what we’re going to do let’s get on an do it!  Even having a small plan of a few bullet points is better than making it up as we go along.

Our Suggested tech

Time and again we’ve found these companies services and products meet the needs of most of our clients.

I’ve worked in FTSE Top 100 companies for the past 30 years before starting freelance in 2015.  As a people, technology and change leader I believe there’s a lot to be taken and applied to sole-traders and small business, without breaking the bank. Niki Odolphie

Managing Director

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