Business Mindfullness™

Being aware of the business decisions we make, understanding what drives them and critically evaluating if they’re the right thing to do.


Do you ever feel like you’ve just made it up as you’ve gone along?

I can help you improve business processes and gain real efficiencies by understanding you and your business no matter the size.  I can highlight opportunities and work with you to improve them through either an ongoing relationship or through micro-consultancy.

Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

Stephen Covey


Sole-traders and small business owners rarely have someone who can listen, challenge you in a positive way and help you develop your management style.

Perhaps you’re at a crossroads and need help exploring your options.  Coaching doesn’t mean telling you what to do, its about helping you formalise your thoughts and actions.

Think of it as business therepy.


Many small business owners find themselves suddenly managing people.  We can help you identify and formalise your management style.

Consistently managed staff know whats expected of them, trust you and your decisions and are more likely to stay working with you.

"The coaching helped me make the transition from friend to manager"

– Stuart Merrit

"We had a roadmap Ready for Execution in under 48hrs"

– Chris Shepley

"Having my goals written down is already getting results"

– Craig Parsons

Are you asking these questions?

If any of the below questions sound familier, we can help.

Business Strategy

Do I want growth, if so what are the steps to get there?  If I’m happy today, how do I maintain that?



Am I monitoring the right things in my business?  I’m spending time on social media but not getting any results, why?

Structure and Organisation

Do I have the right structure in place with my suppliers, staff and customers.  How can I improve that?

Human Resources

I love making the product, but not running the business, how can I do more of what I love and work more effeciently?

Our Process

Every consultancy is unique but we’ll follow the same rough structure.

After all, plans change.

1. Evaluate

Lets get to understand and dig deep into the problem that needs solving.  Before we make this journey lets make sure its the right path.

2. Analyse

Now we’re focussed on what you want to achieve, lets look at the steps neeeded to get there.  Are we including or excluding the right options?

3. Implement

Once we know what we’re going to do let’s get on an do it!  Even having a small plan of a few bullet points is better than making it up as we go along.

4. Review

Compared to the goals we set at the start of this process, are we on the right track.  It’s time to pat yourself on the back, maybe even a bit of a reward.

Let us help  grow Your business

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