We'll take your Business to the nExt Level

Our broad expertise means you don’t need to deal with multiple suppliers and we can build a working relationship which we both benefit from.


We love technology, when its used right.

By understanding your specific needs we can help find the right solution be that high or low-tech.

You’d be surprised how many of lifes problems can be solved with a whiteboard!

Keep your business Safe

Backup data securely

Testing your backups work

Advice on security, anti-virus and firewalls

IT risk assessment to protect your data

Software maintenance to ensure you are on the latest secure version of software

Find New Customers

Update your existing website to work on mobile

Improve your search placement

Create and manage a brand new website

Use social media to find new customers and support your existing ones

Advice on running online promotions

Setup email and manage email accounts

Make the most of tech

Software training to make the most out of your existing software

Improve WiFi coverage and broadband reliability

Equipment maintenance, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Find New Technology

Purchasing and configuring new hardware, mobiles and tablets

Finding the right Internet provider

Using free software alternatives to reduce costs


Find the right domain name

Choose your domain name, while .co.uk and .com are the most popular there are many other choices available to suite your brand.

If you already have a domain name, this can be pointed to our web hosting.

eMail & Hosting

Choose how you want your email handled.  Forwarding to an existing email address or creating a professional mailbox with your domain name.

We can offer website hosting on our super-fast UK servers from £5 a month able to handle thousands of daily visitors.

Build your website

We build your website.  With frequent checkpoints you can guide the design as it progresses.  We test your website on multiple devices ahead of launch.  We love using WordPress but can advise if its right for your business.

Maintainance and security

Keeping your site safe and secure is vital.

We take all the hassle away with daily backups, realtime plugin updates for security issues.  You can focus on creating great content for your website.


Time and again we’ve found these companies services and products meet the needs of most of our clients.

Integrated Solutions

Just dumping some new software in your business would be a disaster, we’ll identify the right support you need to properly integrate the new technology into your working processes.


Brand and Culture

Managing and Coaching


Managing Customers

Managing Suppliers



Monitoring Performance

Customer Satisfaction

Removing Duplication

Policies & Procedures





Right tools for the job



Virtual Reality

We’ve also created games and demos for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, available on the Steam store.

VR is a great way to show your product if it’s in the prototype stage, you can hold your object and demonstrate it in a variety of environments, all in high-fidelity room-Scale VR.  You can also design in VR, with objects exported as OBJ files ready for finishing in your own software.

We’ve wowed hundreds of guests at events across Somerset and Wiltshire through our VR4Hire service.  Available for private party hire or to give your corporate event a unique experience.  Experience can be fun, scary, serious and can improve teamwork.

If you’ve only used PSVR or VR through your phone you’ve not experienced room-scale VR that lets you walk freely around a space and interact with the objects.

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